December 2, 2022

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Gaat Google stoppen met jaarlijks een nieuwe Android-versie?

Will Google stop releasing new Android every year?

Google releases a new version of Android every year for years. This year we can expect Android 13. But it remains to be seen if new Android versions will continue to appear every year.

No more annual Android updates?

Each newly released Android version has many new features and capabilities. However, especially with the last few Android releases for years, this is something that has a few major novelties, as we’ve seen with Android 13 . ad† Google itself knows this too, which is why something might change in the future.

at conversation With his fellow Tweakers, Android engineer Trystan Upstill discusses this. It is clear that nothing will change at the moment, but according to him, various options are being considered. According to him, a version update is required for some functions, but not for many others. Upstill said that the optimal way to release new functionality for Android is now being considered.

Not releasing a new Android version every year also has other advantages. Rolling out updates is a time-consuming and complex task for manufacturers. Not every manufacturer takes rolling out updates seriously. In addition, cheaper devices are mainly stuck with updates, or receive a new Android version at a later time. In addition, upgrades to be made must wait for approval by Google and carriers.

So nothing will change for now, but maybe Google will decide to change the Android updates interval in time. It is not clear at the moment what time frame should be considered. Many functions are already put on devices outside of Android upgrades. Consider app updates or via system updates from Google Play.

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