April 1, 2023

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Will Kiev finally get its way?  The US is ready to send advanced Patriot anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine

Will Kiev finally get its way? The US is ready to send advanced Patriot anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine

Patriot systems are more advanced than current Ukrainian anti-aircraft systems. © AB

If CNN is to be believed, the US Department of Defense will make a major announcement in the next few days. According to the sources of the American news channel, the government plans to send advanced Patriot missile defense systems to Ukraine. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and President Biden have yet to give their approval, but a green light is expected this week.

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Ukraine has been asking the US for an advanced air defense system for months, and now it looks like it’s finally getting its way. The Patriot system is highly effective at intercepting conventional cruise missiles, but unlike current Ukrainian defense systems, it can intercept fast ballistic missiles and some aircraft. So the deal would have been very welcome. Especially now that the Russians are fully engaged in airstrikes targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

The US government is currently finalizing delivery plans, but they should be completed soon. According to CNN, the Patriots will be sent to Ukraine in the coming days. It’s not yet clear how many there will be, but transporting everything will require a logistical feat. One such Patriot system includes a radar set for target detection and tracking, several computers, power generation equipment, a control station and eight missiles with four missiles each ready to fire.

Apart from logistical problems, the biggest obstacle may be that Ukrainians do not know how to operate the new systems. It requires a lot of personnel and usually takes months to train those people. According to some US officials, Ukrainian soldiers will visit the US military base in Grafenwoehr in Germany in the coming days to receive necessary training.

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