February 8, 2023

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Will Neymar start against South Korea?  World Cup in his mobile phone wallpaper |  FIFA World Cup 2022

Will Neymar start against South Korea? World Cup in his mobile phone wallpaper | FIFA World Cup 2022

Tonight the South Koreans can try to continue their World Cup adventure. Not an easy task if you know the opponent is Brazil’s favourite. Peter Vandenpette and Nicolas de Brabander also have a little faith in a Korean stunt on their World Cup podcast. “I’ve seen little to suggest that they can still mean anything.”

After beating Cristiano Ronaldo and company, tonight South Korea will face the impressive Brazil.

Although it’s not all rose-scented, sunsets are among the favourites. For example, they lost to Cameroon on the last day and also suffered many injuries.

“For Gabriel Jesus, the World Cup is over after injury and Alex Telles isn’t quite fit either,” says Nicolas de Brabander. “Because Alex Sandro isn’t quite ready to play either, Danilo is expected to play left-back. Militao is likely to play on the right.”

“On the other hand, you just have to prove that there is enough quality. Especially when Neymar is fit again. He says he feels good again and there is a World Cup in the background of his cellphone. So he wants to start.”

“The flush is starting to wane,” says Peter Vandenbempt. “For clarity, I don’t see any problems against South Korea. I’m already looking forward. In addition, they still have many strong players in the attacking area.”

“Richarlison even said that without Neymar they still had enough quality. No idea if something like this is sacrilege in Brazil.”

Even Richarlison said that without Neymar they still had enough quality. I have no idea if this thing is sacrilege in Brazil.

Peter VandenPet

A positive note for the South Koreans: their defensive stronghold usually returns to the team.

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“But they haven’t really missed Napoli’s Kim Min-jae in recent matches,” said de Brabander. “We must also not forget that South Korea was basically able to qualify because that third match was no longer important for Portugal.”

“Besides Son and Huang (Wolverhampton Wanderers), I didn’t see much to suggest they could still mean something. The team was mainly praised for their commitment and speed.”

“Alison played in the first two matches for Brazil and didn’t have to save anything,” VandenPept adds. “I don’t think he’ll be in trouble tonight.”

Don’t miss a thing from the Brazil vs South Korea game tonight at 8pm on ONE, LIVE and on VRTMAX.

Thanks to the victory over Portugal, the South Koreans had a duel with Brazil.

France-England, what a quarter-final! Peter Vandenept and Nicolas de Brabander see an exceptional 19-year-old in England’s midfield, devise a new Olympics for Mbappe Walker and imagine a future as a subway driver.

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