December 1, 2022

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Will Spain, just like Germany, have to deal with the toilet paper crisis

Will Spain, just like Germany, have to deal with the toilet paper crisis

Madrid – according to this site There may be a shortage of toilet paper in Europe due to the energy crisis, the shortage of raw materials and the consequences of the Ukraine war. The toilet paper crisis has already begun to grip the Germans due to the bankruptcy of Hackley, Germany’s largest toilet paper company. But can Spain also deal with the toilet paper crisis and should we now, as happened in the early months of the Corona pandemic, start stockpiling toilet paper?

In addition to rising gas, electricity and fuel prices, inflation also affects paper prices, which are also much higher than usual. This in turn causes a crisis for toilet paper producers and for the kitchen. In Germany, however, the largest producer, Hackley, has already gone bankrupt because it can no longer afford the high costs of raw materials, transportation and energy. Other producers in many European countries are also concerned about this situation.

But how is this in Spain? Should residents there also take into account empty shelves in supermarkets and should people start stocking again, just as they did in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic? Or is everything fine. According to the Director General of the Spanish Association Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Pasta, Papel y Cartón (ASPEL), there is nothing to worry about in Spain.

In Spain, as in other EU countries, paper is also becoming more expensive, but there are no restrictions. In addition, Spain is more prepared for gas supplies from Germany, which is highly dependent on gas from Russia, which is not the case in Spain. Therefore, paper mills in Spain can continue to produce at normal rates.

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According to the general manager of ASPAPEL, there is absolutely no reason to stock up on toilet paper and he called on the people of Spain not to panic. Storage means empty shelves and this in turn generates pressure on toilet paper while there is nothing to worry about because there is no shortage of toilet paper but one cannot handle supply due to huge sales. There was no reason to panic during the pandemic, not now.