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Will the fairy tale of the red flame continue in the European Championship?  “If we want to beat Sweden, now is the time” |  European Women’s Championship 2022

Will the fairy tale of the red flame continue in the European Championship? “If we want to beat Sweden, now is the time” | European Women’s Championship 2022

The Red Flames faces a difficult but beautiful task tonight. In the quarter-finals of the European Football Championship they will meet Sweden, ranked second in the world. Will the Belgian women’s football saga continue? Catch it live from 8.40pm on One, Radio 1, or via livestream.

  1. Advance, 8:30 p.m.
  2. Advance, 8 p.m. 24. Ives Sirnels: “He made a new impression on everyone this morning.”

    Ives Sirnels: ‘He made a new impression on everyone this morning’

  3. Up front, 8:20pm, all the Swedes are having a lot of quality, but because of the Corona cases, they had to do some puzzling in defence. Some are in a situation they are not used to. Emkey Courtois.
  4. Swedish fans also look their best this Easter! That’s in the middle of summer. Advance, 7 p.m. 59.
  5. Belgian fans are completely satisfied. Advance, 7 p.m. 59.
  6. In advance, at 19:50. Belgium lineup. Ives Serneels has announced 11 newbies and we’ve found some new names in them. & nbsp; Laura De Neve once again takes her place in defense alongside Sari Kees. Marie Minart was rewarded with a springboard for her good substitute against the Italians. Laura Deleuze also gets her chance. The wing defender replaces Vangheluwe. .
  7. Before 7 pm 41. Courtois: “Belgians should keep the spaces small.”

    Courtois: “The Belgians must keep the spaces small”

  8. Advance, 5 p.m. 25. Now or never? “If we want to beat Sweden, now is the time,” says former Flame player Tine Schryvers, who played for one year with Sweden’s Kristianstads DFF. “In Sweden they are very secretive about corona cases.” Evil can play for the red flame?
  9. Advance 5pm “Instead of some players now missing from facing England in the semi-finals”: no one believes that Belgium can stand in Sweden’s way. Hermien Vanbeveren on Radio 1.
  10. Advance, 5pm 4pm Swedish surplus, Belgian Atmosphere Department equal. Hermine Vanbeveren describes the night’s decor: “The stadium does not exude a sense of joy.” “The terraces are open from the corners, the roof is made of corrugated iron. It doesn’t look good, but OK, it will be quite full.” The stadium will be filled with Swedish fans, who will turn out in droves. However, Red Flames would also be able to count on support. “The Belgian fans have already proven that they can create a lot of atmosphere.” .
  11. Advance, 11 am 14.
  12. In advance, 07:00 03.
  13. Advance, at 06:59 Cernels: “Sweden is a great team.” National team coach Yves Cernells knows it won’t be easy tonight. It’s like ‘we’re playing against a great team’. “We know it will not be an easy match. Sweden has players with a lot of individual qualities and experience. We have to be ready from the first minute.” Serneels can choose from an entire selection tonight. “Everyone has trained. Without unforeseen circumstances, we are complete, everyone is fit.” .
  14. In advance, 06 am 07.
  15. 22-07-2022.
  16. Advance, 9:53 p.m. On the trail of fires, a day before the quarter-finals.

    On the trail of fire, one day before the quarter-finals

  17. Before 9pm from 44.1 to 7. 7. 30-year-old Justin Vanheivermaet is the only Red Flame to play in the Women’s Premier League, at Reading FC, with a midfield drive. The Swedish national team has seven players from the strong English championship, such as striker Stena Blackstein who plays for the vice-champion Arsenal. “They are top internationals who compete against other top players every week,” Vanhaevermaet says. “They can definitely use those experiences in matches like tomorrow.” With their place in the knockout stage, the Flames now achieved their goal. Sweden then traveled to England with the goal of winning the title, so they will feel more pressure, Vanhevermaet believes. “They said beforehand that they wanted to go far, while we wanted to get into the quarter-finals. If you look at it that way, the pressure is in their camp. But we also put some pressure on ourselves because we feel we can do something.” .
  18. Up front, 21:42 The pressure is in their camp, but we’re also imposing something on ourselves. Justin Vanhevermaet.
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