February 5, 2023

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Will there be a new K3 musical about “De 3 Biggetjes”? Leaked images indicate yes | Musical

Some amazing photos are going viral on social media. It appears to be a promotional photo for the K3 musical “De 3 Biggetjes”, but it is a new version. The original cast consisted of Karen, Kristel, and Kathleen. But this time it was Han, Marthy and Julia who wore the familiar pink suits. According to the sources, it has to do with the leaked photos of the production, which were posted on the internet very early on. “According to one of our sources, auditions will start this weekend,” one of Juice’s Instagram channels wrote. Juice Channels are social media accounts that post unfiltered – and often unverified – “news” about celebrities. So it wasn’t clear whether or not a new K3 musical was being made.

Jan Pieter Boodts, Studio 100 spokesperson, creates clarity. He assures our editors that the musical “De 3 Biggetjes” is an option, but it’s not a sure thing. “Studio 100 is constantly working on several new projects, including ‘De 3 Biggetjes’. But it is not yet certain that the musical will actually come.”

look. The music of “De 3 biggetjes” also turned out to be very popular while searching for a new K3

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