December 6, 2022

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Will there be a PlayStation 5 Slim in 2023?

Will there be a PlayStation 5 Slim in 2023?

Sony is working on a smaller version of the PlayStation 5 called the PlayStation 5 Slim. She hasn’t announced herself yet, but leakage Sony wrote that the device is planned to be released in the third quarter of 2023.


It’s not strange news in and of itself: The PlayStation 5 came out a couple of years ago, and after necessary delivery issues, it’s now a little better available. It’s still not very obvious to get into a store and buy a PS5, as it’s still a bit rare here and there (or actually very popular), but it’s already a lot less intense than it was in the year since the PS5 came out. It is likely that the Sony console will remain in demand for some time: initially the games on the PS5 appeared on its predecessor, the PlayStation 4, but that time is now over.

In addition, the new PlayStation VR2, which can only be used on PlayStation 5, will be launched in February 2023. So now is the time to surprise the public with a lighter version of the device. The PlayStation 5 is also quite a beast: with so many people, it doesn’t fit in a TV cabinet and therefore has to be separate somewhere.

PS5 Slim

It is still unknown whether the new alternative to the beloved console will be called Slim (Slim) or, for example, Lite (Light) or whether Sony will choose a different name. It will be a lighter and cooler console than the original PlayStation 5. This console will not need a stand if you want to place it horizontally.

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Meanwhile, there is still talk about the possibility of a heavier PlayStation 5 version to be released at the end of 2023. This would then forefrontA version that is twice as powerful as its younger brother. Ray tracing is said to be 2.5 times stronger, which means games look more realistic. Several variants of the PlayStation 4 have also appeared, so it only makes sense that Sony is now following a similar pattern. So the question is which one comes first: Sony won’t release both in the same year.

price increase

If you want to buy a PlayStation 5 now, you’ll pay more for it than you would at launch. by inflation Sony decided to give the device a price increase of 50 euros. You can buy the PS5 with the drive now for 549.99 euros. The digital version (without the drive) costs 449.99 euros.

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