January 20, 2022

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Will Thibau Nys perform on the infamous staircase in Baal on New Year's Day?  “If it were possible, I would definitely not leave him.”

Will Thibau Nys perform on the infamous staircase in Baal on New Year’s Day? “If it were possible, I would definitely not leave him.”

New Year’s Day is traditionally a Vienna New Year’s party, snowboarding in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and of course… cross-country skiing in Baal. After winning the Azencross in Loenhout, promising Thibau Nys is ready to shine once again on his ‘home track’ in Baal, in the fourth round of the X2O Pool Cup. And then you have to pay attention to the following: stairs!

Michelle Verherstreten

Nearly two years ago Thibau Nys, 19, was allowed to raise his arms again on the field. In February 2020, as the new junior world champion, he took the win in Leuven, on Thursday he was at the party in Loenhout.

Ness admits: “Because of the Corona pandemic, I had to join the pros last year and it was impossible to compete for the victory, but it was frustrating in recent months.” “I felt good in training, but it never worked during matches.”

In Loenhout Nys he put an end to the dry period. “The rest is great, this victory is very happy. On the other hand, I never doubted myself. I tried to draw myself into the feeling while training. Having a great season on the road made it a little easier mentally.”


On New Year’s Day, Nys hopes to confirm another victory for his people. As a rookie, he has already won the GP Sven Nys twice. “I enjoy every win on the field, but the feeling in Baal is still special. After my win at Loenhout I am looking forward to this race even more. I am happy that I can start the new year with that feeling.”

Cycling on the stairs?

Winning or not, he’ll be looking forward to passing Nice down the stairs anyway. In the past he has already pulled a trick a few times and turned on the tight side. “It’s something I taught myself while playing. Am I going to do it again on Saturday? It kind of depends on what the track would be like. If it were possible, I definitely wouldn’t let it. You don’t actually gain much time with her – maybe that’s why I didn’t Others dare to do it yet – but I love the interest in the show.”

In 2018, 15-year-old Thibault barely broke down the infamous staircase, much to Abe Sven’s astonishment:

Although the competition animal was fed by Sven Ness, he did his son’s trick smoothly:

The New Year’s Day vows start at Baal at 12 noon, at 1.45 pm it’s up to the elite women and at 3 pm it’s up to the elite men.

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