December 4, 2022

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Will you buy the iPhone 14 Plus?

Will you buy the iPhone 14 Plus?

After a few weeks Other models Back in the markets, Apple will launch iPhone 14 Plus next week. Success around the entry level model isn’t imminent, but how do our readers view the arrival of the larger model?

As far as we’re concerned, the perfect question to ask this week in the new version of Weekend poll.

Will you buy the new iPhone 14 Plus?

With the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple combines the best of both worlds. It gives consumers who love the Pro Max a chance to grab a bigger screen at a lower price. After two years of serving a target group that wants a compact smartphone, Apple is offering opportunities on the other side of the market this year.

However, the big question is whether consumers really want it. The past few weeks have proven that interest in Pro . models Much larger from the normal form. Will Plus change that?

We don’t have a crystal ball to consider, but we can ask for the opinions of our readers. That’s why we’re asking the question this week: Will you buy the new iPhone 14 Plus?

In addition to filling out the above survey, also tell us in the comments why you do or don’t want to buy the iPhone 14 Plus.

What is the impact of iOS 16?

In the Weekend poll from last week We asked our readers about the impact of iOS 16 on their iPhones. In the days leading up to the article, many consumer stories appeared on the Internet that their battery lasts much less. So the question was: Does iOS 16 affect battery life?

Only two answers were provided last week. 457 people completed the survey, of whom 267 (58.42 percent) said they saw a significant difference. 190 people (41.58%) said they noticed almost no difference.

Are you curious about the results Weekend poll from this week? We will share it in the next issue!

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Weekend Poll: Would you buy an iPhone 14 Plus?

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