December 4, 2022

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William and Elaine immediately fell in love with "Boer zkt Vrouw": "It makes me feel a little warm" |  television

William and Elaine immediately fell in love with “Boer zkt Vrouw”: “It makes me feel a little warm” | television

For William Jr. Duggan (24), no fewer than 80 singles came to his Westerlo ranch. “I’m not usually shy or nervous, but I’ve had milk for a while. I wasn’t expecting so many of them.” And it was unanimous among the ladies: “It’s quite my type!” The temperature in the room rose instantly when William mounted his trusty stallion. “It makes me feel a little warm,” said the women in the stands. “Those eyes, that jaw… I really like it.”

William ends up choosing 10 women with whom he sees a potential future. “It made myself feel a little nervous,” he blushed, blushing at all the attention.

William also scores well when looking at Flanders. According to many, it is a real hunk. It appears on Twitter that “he can also come here with his horse”.

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Elien Ceustermans (26) of Lommel finally found out how many men want to indulge in this blind love affair: there were more than 60. “There are a lot of men here especially. This has an effect on me. It will be exciting,” she predicts with a laugh. After much deliberation, Elaine decided to continue with 12 men.

Ellen challenges her men with a round of racy questions, but when the last candidate appears, she’s sick of her milk for a while. “That’s without a doubt” Yes! “.

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