February 6, 2023

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William Boeva ​​is looking for a dream car for the famous car enthusiast at the “Celebrity Car Match” | television

televisionLights come on, full throttle and go. As of today, William Boeva ​​is taking five famous car people to the Brussels Motor Show in search of their perfect dream car. Is actress Jamie Lee Six – also the daughter of a car dealer – falling in love with a flashy convertible? Is Q-dj Maarten Vancoillie going to buy a luxury family car? Will singer Bart Kyle choose an innovative electric car? You’ll find out how to watch Flanders in the shortened version of VTM GO’s new “Celebrity Car Match”.

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“My passion for cars started when I got my driver’s licence,” says William. Then came the realization of a freedom I had never known before. As a disabled person, mobility is not straightforward in Belgium, so the world suddenly opened up to me. I’ve been crazy about it ever since! So I was really excited to find the perfect car for my famous five. I’ve learned surprising things about them and now I also know I won’t be seeing Bart Kyle driving around in a Lamborghini anytime soon.”

William will take his friends in the car himself in exclusive cars. From the sporty Audi or BMW to the luxurious Bentley or Volkswagen. Every BV is warmly and personally welcomed. While driving to the auto show, William Boeva ​​asks about car requirements, favorite cars, and driving habits, resulting in some interesting stories. Are they honking their horns in heavy traffic? Have they ever dared to stand up incorrectly? Or are they polite drivers and obey traffic rules?

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Jimmy Lee Six was allowed to bite the attacker. William went to pick her up in his Audi RS e-tron GT sports car.

New and exclusive shortcut starting today every day at 19:00 on VTM GO.

a look. William Boeva ​​is on the hunt for his dream car in the Celebrity Cars Match

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