May 26, 2022

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Wim de Koninck praises Davy Rove's Overtime Performance: 'It's a bit like a Ghent's mantra' |  extra time

Wim de Koninck praises Davy Rove’s Overtime Performance: ‘It’s a bit like a Ghent’s mantra’ | extra time

Bring the show back to Club Brugge-Ghent on February 6. Sinan Bulat was suffering from shunt inflammation, so Devi Rov had to come suddenly. An unexpected pick from Hein Vanhaezebrouck, but it was good.

“It has become a bit of a Ghent mantra,” says Wim de Koninck. “He got into it in a weird way, but it works really well.”

“The most important thing for me is that his saves didn’t destroy the ground, but there were always Anderlecht players around and he pushed the ball away every time. And every time also someone from his team.”

“Do you see something conscious in that?” asks Philip Goss. “I understand you’re getting away with a lot, but targeting a teammate, it sounds tough to me.” Emkey Courtois is also not convinced. “I think that’s weird, too.”

“I can’t imagine that,” says Peter Vandenbet. “These balls were really tough. I would say his saves looked really easy. But that’s because he’s always been in great shape. He made it look easy.”

Preserves are amazingly simple. But to keep 0 against Anderlecht, Rove also counted on the backing of his defence. “Of course Torunarigha plays his part in that. He got 6 clean sheets in 9 matches. There is a kind of symbiosis between the defense and the goalkeeper.”

Didn’t Bulat have that too? “But it was more brutal,” Joss answers. De Koninck agreed: “He got angry every time and would point out ostentatiously at other players.” “Ruff doesn’t do that.”

“I had it early in my career, until an older guy called me and urged me not to do it anymore. Then I started thinking about it, and it doesn’t actually help. On the contrary.”

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“I only did it when the ball was in it,” Vandenbet replies sarcastically.