July 25, 2024

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Windows 11 will display a watermark if the system requirements are insufficient – Computer – News

Did you know that the target audience of Windows and SteamOS are completely different? Yes, Windows is also for gamers, but that’s where the similarity ends in terms of target group…. You’re comparing apples and oranges a bit. Well, you can also use SteamOS’s desktop Linux environment for other things, like in Windows, but that’s not the original target group. But in addition to that, I hope that Proton will actually be improved and that it will be a hit. You can of course also use it with a Linux distro that is more focused on the desktop experience…

Microsoft is already forcing something here (whether the approach is OK, especially PR, is the question), but I think the intentions are only good; Old processors have many hardware security vulnerabilities. It has been patched via Windows and small code updates, but the solutions provided here slow down the processor. In addition, older processors are somewhat less secure, because they do not support newer security standards, such as TPM 2.0. So Microsoft chooses security, performance, and stability here. Yes, they might impose that a bit, but is it really that bad? Windows 10 still works fine for people who don’t meet the requirements otherwise Windows 11 is a lot better for most people in terms of security in particular. Everyone is happy isn’t it? Apple has also made changes (dropping 32-bit support, etc.), but always with good intentions to make things better for the end user in the long run.