March 24, 2023

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wish a wish!  Tonight you will discover about 110 meteors per hour in The Hague

wish a wish! Tonight you will discover about 110 meteors per hour in The Hague

Good news for people who still wish to wish: at night from Monday, December 13 to Tuesday, December 14, about 100 to 120 stars will fall from the sky!

Maximum Geminids will occur on the night of Monday 13th to Tuesday 14th December. This is the second largest annual meteor in the starry sky. Peak time for spotting (many) meteors starts at 4:00 AM.


according to The number of meteors increases during the night from about 25-40 per hour around midnight (when the moon is still dull; look east) to 100-120 per hour around 4 AM (to the southwest).

No special equipment is needed to see meteors; The naked eye, clear sky and warm clothes are enough.

Where should you look in The Hague?

Good places to look are, of course, dark places. And yes, this is very difficult in The Hague. However, there is a great spot for the stars, and that is: the beach.

Another tip: let your eyes get used to the darkness for 15 minutes, then you’ll see more. So you should not look at your smartphone in between.

falling stars

Falling stars are flashes of light that sometimes appear in a starry sky. However, the flashes have nothing to do with the stars. They are caused by space debris, often no larger than a grain of sand, that ends up in Earth’s atmosphere 100 kilometers above our heads. Due to high velocities, the air in front of these granules is compressed, heated and made to glow, which we see as a flash. Perseids usually have speeds in excess of 200,000 km / h. Perseids are distinguished by their brightness, speed, and occasional glare.

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