July 20, 2024

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With the night train from Brussels to Berlin from May

With the night train from Brussels to Berlin from May

European Sleeper has started contacting car rentals and wants to invest in their own in the short term. “By refurbishing our existing used seat trainers into sleep trainers, we expect to have approximately thirty sleep trainers available in two to three years with more comfort, more privacy options, and a modern look. We are also working on ordering brand new sleeping cars, but delivery time is Much longer,” Engelsmann said. Finding the necessary carriages, they say, is the most difficult aspect of setting up a new overnight train line.

This will be the second night train in Belgium, after the Austrian railway company ÖBB’s NightJet to Vienna. European Sleeper previously announced plans for overnight trains to French ski resorts and Barcelona, ​​but no details are known yet.

European Sleeper was previously merged with the Belgian night train initiative Moonlight Express. In the latest share issue, nearly 1,400 new shareholders joined, who together invested 2 million euros in the European Sleeper company. Discussions are ongoing with potential investment partners to finance the refurbished vehicles.

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