December 8, 2022

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With this ultimate tip, keep your battery healthy

With this ultimate tip, keep your battery healthy

Your iPhone’s battery capacity will decrease the longer you use it, but there are several things you can do to maximize battery life.

Tiktokker Shoandtech I found something in it. The two-year-old iPhone 12 Pro still has 100 percent of the original battery capacity. According to TikTokker, this is due to the way he charges his iPhone.

Charging iPhone overnight?

According to Shoandtech, it’s not wise to charge your phone overnight. TikTokker has both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro that still have 100 percent battery capacity. According to him, this is because he does not leave his phone on the charger overnight.

Shoandtech advises iPhone users to charge the device at the times (approximately) you need it. If you have 40 percent battery left, he says it’s best to leave the phone alone. Instead, you should charge your iPhone during the day.

iPhone wireless charging


This probably won’t work for everyone, because you can’t always have a charger ready when you go out during the day. Even if you have a long day ahead, you may prefer to leave the house with a full battery.

There are a lot of contradictory voices when it comes to charging phones. Not everyone agrees with Shoandtech’s claim either.

Is that correct?

Apple uses a special charging method, where the iPhone learns when you need your device. The battery is then charged to a certain percentage and brought to one hundred percent only when you really need it.

This will probably have some impact on battery life, but it’s just too small to be worth worrying about. But let’s be honest: The battery capacity of 100 percent after two years of use is impressive. And Shoandtech has really made it happen with its own method.

Battery problems on your iPhone? According to experts, this is because of these apps!

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Perfect fit and 100% permanent: This is how you keep your iPhone battery healthy

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