December 6, 2022

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“Without negative pressure, something special could happen to these yellow tigers.” |  Volleyball World Cup

“Without negative pressure, something special could happen to these yellow tigers.” | Volleyball World Cup

Victories over Puerto Rico and Kenya, defeat against Italy (after an excellent performance). What is Dominic Baynes’ Provisional Balance Sheet?

“In the first two games, the Yellow Tigers did what they had to do,” the former national team coach analyzes. “But against Italy I thought – and I am fully alert and rational – that we will experience something incredible.”

The Tigers were diabolically strong yesterday: they won the first set, then gave up the set and eventually lost 1-3.

“It was an unbelievably good performance. The superiority is there. But the top sport is of course about results, although you have to derive confidence from this match.”

“It doesn’t happen right after this match, I saw it also with the players and the coach. But when the feelings are gone, you can look at the rest of the tournament with confidence.”

On Friday, another difficult float will follow with the host country, the Netherlands. “You have to pull all the stops out there and in the second round they are all toppers.”

“But if this team can play without negative pressure, like against Italy, then something special can happen every now and then. I definitely believe in that after last night.”

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Yellow tigers are a witch in Holland, and this is very evident. “Grinta has become their trademark,” says Dominic Baines. “They keep fighting.”

“Last year they won many games 3-2 from an impossible position. That’s how the team continues to believe in itself.”

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“Nice to see. You know with those tigers they won’t let their heads hang.”

“If the opponent is stronger, that’s the law of major sports. But it’s captivating.”

Finally, what does the co-commentator think of this World Cup concept: playing in a soccer field with a closed roof? There are 3 stadiums where sometimes several matches are played at the same time.

“It’s a very bold organization. I thought there would be noises, but I find it charming.”

“Everything is concentrated in one place, there is enough space and ticket sales are going well. I am sure this will follow.”