February 1, 2023

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Woman robs a newsagent in Zulte: “She was very daring, but I have no idea what she really wants”

An unidentified woman attempted to rob an Ubi newsagent along Staatsbaan last Saturday. She had a knife for that. Shop assistant Dagmar (62) was working alone at the time, but he kept going very strong and returned to the shop two days later. “I thought: I have to get over this immediately and I can’t let myself be afraid.”

The unidentified woman entered the store less than half an hour before closing time on Saturday night. “I actually saw her hanging around the bus stopping through the window,” says Dagmar. “I think she was waiting for a time when there were no other customers in the store. She entered the store around 7:30pm. She was dressed all in black with a covering over her eyes and a mask. She was acting very suspicious and moving around the store with me. She forced me into the room.” background and there was some push and push.”

“She was a big, strong woman and I had a lot of bruises on my arms. I tried to talk to her in different languages ​​and ask her what she wanted, but she didn’t answer anything. I also saw that she was holding a knife in her hand. I finally managed to break free and escape through the back door. The woman ran out through a door Another and she disappeared down a side street. It looked as if she was looking for something in the kitchen, but then it turned out that nothing had been stolen. That’s strange. She acted so boldly, but I have no idea what she actually wanted. After she left, “First I called the store manager and then the police. At first I thought it was some kind of prank or a test for new employees. I’ve only been working here for six weeks.”

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“don’t let me be afraid”

“I didn’t realize what happened until later. For example, I have a police button here, but at the time I didn’t think about pressing it at all. I love a good crime movie, but if you try it yourself, it’s different. But I still feel fit.” I got physical and went straight back to work. I don’t want to let myself get scared.”

The police arrive at the store, but the suspect has long since disappeared. She is caught on security cameras and the police are trying to identify her, though it won’t be easy given her black clothes and mask.