November 29, 2023

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World Alzheimer's Day in Punic |  Bunniks . news

World Alzheimer’s Day in Punic | Bunniks . news

Punic September 21 was World Alzheimer’s Day. On or around this day, we are asking for more attention to dementia around the world by organizing activities to have fun together and to give additional awareness to this topic. Likewise in Bunnik. A brief look back at this report.

Alzheimer’s Café Inspired by this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day theme ‘The Many Faces of Dementia’, Krista Reinhudt was a guest at our Café. She is one of those many faces. An energetic 51-year-old young woman. With a smile, caring clothes, clear and good language skills. At the age of 47, she was diagnosed with dementia. She was interviewed by Saskia Danin and together they gave visitors to the Alzheimer’s Café an insight into what it is like for Krista to live with this diagnosis. You made a deep impression. More information about this evening and the program for the following evenings can be found on the website:

drawing workshop Alzheimer’s Nederland Zeist eo organized a drawing workshop with Cultuurplatform Bunnik, under the direction of painter Rijk Roor of Odijk. The goal was to draw attention to this disease, as well as participate in a fun activity together. It has yielded great results and an inspiring morning.

photo gallery You may have seen it, the pictures in the window at the Ravenswaaij Library. They are part of this fair, which is spread throughout the Zest region and can be seen until about mid-October. Cathy Greenblatt, American photographer wants to show through this exhibition that dementia knows no boundaries and occurs all over the world. The main objective of the exhibition is to change the stereotypical view of people with dementia. Yes, there is a decline in cognitive functioning, but people have a life and are a person with feelings that need love and care. When they get tired of it, they can live their lives with humor, laughter, celebration and above all with dignity.

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Pictures from this exhibition are also hung in the Bonenchem and Die Weiger residential centres. More information about other sites in the region and about the fair can be found at the website: and surroundings