December 5, 2023

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World Champion "Price" misses darts 9 but misses darts, and Smith's strong advantages |  darts

World Champion “Price” misses darts 9 but misses darts, and Smith’s strong advantages | darts

The numbers previously spoke in favor of Gerwyn Price and The Iceman was also keen to extend his world title. But Smith, the number 9 in the world, is in the making.

It was hard against not soft. Price won Group 1 with an average of around 110, and Smith came in over 106. The Englishman quickly took the upper hand in Group 2 in just 4.5 minutes.

Smith beat Bryce with solid highscores (16 180 for 6) and high averages, but Bryce is #1 for a reason and has always kept himself in the game.

Including nine throws in the second stage of Group 4. He first threw his foot on TV with a minimum of 9 throws, so his joy was immense.

She was also the third of nine players in this World Cup, a first in World Cup history. Earlier in this release, Willie Borland and Darius Labanauskas (against Mike De Decker) threw a “perfect leg”.

Smith applauded, but was unmoved and immediately threw a 180 at the next stop. Grab the group and shake Bryce.

The Snowman seemed a little lost, but at the right moment, Bryce hit. Smith lost a 4-3 lead in sets, Price didn’t and was suddenly in pole position.

The Welshman also got into an argument with someone in the audience who shouted something to him. He wanted to remove the person. Bryce looked like he had unleashed, Smith could see the match slipping through his fingers. But for the first time in this tournament, Price missed not one game, but 2 darts. On tops and on the D10. The price was a disappointment.

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The great match got what it deserved: the decisive ninth set. Smith looked calm, and Bryce parted his milk. Smith took a 0-2 lead in the legs, and Price managed to strike back, but then missed a 110 exit. Smith gave him this opportunity with arrows of a missed match in D12, which never happened to him again.

Bully Boy plays in the semi-finals on Sunday against fellow No. 4 James Wade, and Smith is here on a mission: to correct his loss in the World Cup final in 2019.