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World Champion Voss scores his first win of the season after biting nails against Alvarado |  X²O Women’s Cup 2022

World Champion Voss scores his first win of the season after biting nails against Alvarado | X²O Women’s Cup 2022

Marianne Vos (Jumbo-Visma) took her first win of the season at Kortrijk. The Dutch world champion beat Celine Alvarado in a royal race. Denise Betsema completed the podium and took first place in the X²O Cup from Fem van Empel. Didn’t ride the city cross. “It was a tough cross but it was definitely worth it,” Voss said.

Watch: The final lap and sprint between Vos and Alvarado

Blitzstart Zoë Backstedt

Van Empel, Van Anrooij and Pieterse – all 22 young springers – weren’t at the start in Kortrijk, with even the younger Zoë Bäckstedt making good use of their absence. The 18-year-old’s top talent shot like an arrow from a bow at the start. She was leading for nearly a full lap at Kortrijk.

Enemy Royal Vos vs. Alvarado

Just before the end of the opening lap, Lucinda Brand took the lead from Zoe Backstedt. The Dutch had won the previous three editions in Kortrijk.

Did not book a fourth victory. Brand allowed himself to make a lot of mistakes because of it. After jumping next to her bike, she had to let her competitors ride.

That competition heard the names of Betsema, Voss and Alvarado. The first to take care of the head.

Like a kamikaze, because when Alvarado attacked from the third position, Betsema had to pull over. With first place in the ranking as a consolation prize.

Alvarado attempted to have Vos released, but was unsuccessful. Not even in a sprint on the Groeninge Bridge. Voss remounted Alvarado and won by 2 lengths.

The world champion scored her first victory of the season (6 crosses). Sanne Cant finished fifth after a great race.

Voss: “Very fast game today”

“It was a very fast race today, because Betsema picked up the pace right away,” he gasped Marian Fox Then.

“I knew Alvarado was going to try something on the last lap, so I wanted to stay as close to her as possible. In the end we stayed together, and then we came up to the sprint on the last straight.”

“It’s a big boost. It’s always nice to win and I’m glad I was able to come on so well today. It was a difficult cross, but it was definitely worth it.”

Betsema: “Maybe I should have raced smarter”

“I am definitely satisfied. It was difficult because Voss and Alvarado fought.” Dennis Betsemawho takes over from the absentee Wim Van Embel.

“I was hoping to get away from the lead, but they were real
strong. Maybe I should have been a little smarter. “

“Brand was also very good in the last round, so I didn’t want to let her come back. I hope now I can stay firmly in the lead in the standings.”

Alvarado: “The loss of Marianne is not a catastrophe”

“It was tough today. I knew it would be hard to beat Marianne in the sprint, so I tried to pull away on the last lap.” Celine Alvarado Again in second place.

“It wasn’t easy today, on a fast circuit. I was glad I could still make the connection. The loss hurts, though not a catastrophe for Marianne of course.”

  1. 14 hours 38. WATCH: The final lap and sprint between Vos and Alvarado.

    Watch: The final lap and sprint between Vos and Alvarado

  2. 14h 34. Top 5. 1. Vos – at 47’05” 2. Alvarado – at 1″ 3. Betsema – 10″ 4. Brand – 53″ 5. Cant – 1’07”.
  3. 14h33. cant 5e. Sani was wrapping up her excellent cross in fifth place. One of her best results this season. Only in Kruibeke did it rank higher (4th). .
  4. 2:32 p.m.: Voss cruises to a season one victory. “We’re going to a royal race,” says Paul Hergers. Alvarado starts on Groeninge Bridge, but is reassembled by Vos. The world champion scores her first win of the season. .
  5. 2.30pm Vos is panting beside Lys. Like a fish out of water. Rinat Shot.
  6. 14 hours 29. You are watching a nice duel between Vos and Alvarado. Thrilling! .
  7. 2 p.m. 27. Fox vs. Alvarado. Alvarado wants to go it alone, but Voss doesn’t like it. The world champion uses her technique to take her countrywoman by the collar. .
  8. 2:26 p.m., Alvarado is pressing. Alvarado dives off the back of Voss and Betsema into the lead. The decisive step or a desperate attempt? .
  9. 14 hours 24. Last round. Betsema, Voss and Alvarado dive into the final round. You’ll know who wins in about seven minutes. Marianne Voss debut this season? .
  10. 2 p.m. 22. In Bowles Sozen – Bingwall they know: Dennis Betsema leads for the classification, Marianne Voss for D-Day. .
  11. 14 Q 21 Is there a race for a woman from the race? Then it goes to Denis Peetsema. Rinat Shot.
  12. 2:17 p.m. 2 more laps: Betsema, Vos and Alvarado lead. In that order. Shooting follows in 12 seconds. You see the three across the furthest curve. Eternity in the city cross. .
  13. At 14:15 in the sprint Celine has a chance. Although this early change can take revenge. Raf Rudhoft.
  14. 2:13 PM Dennis Betsema Don’t look back. In the absence of Fem van Empel, winner of the Koppenberg race, she is racing for first place in the X²O Cup standings. .
  15. 2 p.m. 11. Voss runs a smart race. Rinat Shot.
  16. 2 p.m. 10. Change of fire. Fire moves very quickly. Her team’s equipment crew chooses Rhino tires. Rough artillery. .
  17. 14 hours 09. cant 18 sec. Unable to lead a great cross. At the halfway point she trailed in 18 seconds from the front runners, still in fifth. .
  18. Lucinda Leak Fire? While Brand appears to be having financial troubles – is she leaking from behind? Alvarado joins Voss and Betsima. The latter takes over. Vos chooses Betsema’s shade. . 2 p.m. 06.
  19. 14 hours 04. Sanne Cant 5th. Sani is not able to ride a powerful cross. The Belgian champion is in fifth place. .
  20. 14:30 Watch: Lucinda Brand crashes.

    WATCH: Lucinda Brand crashes

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