July 21, 2024

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World Cup 3×3: Cold-blooded Belgian Lions beat defending champions U.S.  World Cup 3×3 Basketball

World Cup 3×3: Cold-blooded Belgian Lions beat defending champions U.S. World Cup 3×3 Basketball

The ground at Cronblots in Antwerp was refilled for this excellent match of Group D, but the atmosphere at the stand was such that we had not tasted it in recent days. From the start the fans created a spinning environment that pushed the Belgian Lions forward.

Like the Belgians, the team that won its first two matches against USA, Thibaut Vervord quickly set the tone with two points.

The heat of the lead affected both teams and the Belgians had to deal with the refs not whistling in favor of the Lions.

The initial error load weighed on Belgium, and after another dubious call, de Valk had to go sideways with bleeding in the nose. They also realized that the Americans had lost their balance to miss two free throws after De Volk’s “mistake”.

Although the difference in error rate was large, neither team gave up even an inch on the scoreboard. Verworth – he was back – and led the hard-working Celis Lions into overtime.

The team that gets the first two points wins. Vervoort tried to determine it by two-mouse, but stopped incorrectly. Despite the intense heat, he froze on the free-throw line. He blasted the field with two free throws of 20-18.

Thanks to Austria’s victory and defeat to Slovenia, Belgium are guaranteed a team win and a direct ticket to the quarterfinals.

“Delicious”, star Thibaut Vervord laughed after the match. “I think we were more nervous than our first game. You’ve played against the United States, you can feel it.”

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“We continued to fight and the crowd passed us by. It was a very emotional match and it was great to get it, but it was not over yet.”

Sometimes it was so severe that even Werworth was standing nose to nose. “It can not be let go. If you leave at such a moment, you are afraid, I have advanced, and we win.”

Verwort was diplomatic about the referees. “It’s 3×3. I think sometimes we’re a little overwhelmed by our emotions. We have to be more in control of it. We’re making some stupid mistakes so we can improve it.”