December 7, 2022

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World Grand Prix: Van den Berg loses unexpected thriller against world champion Wright | darts

A week after the Belgian Open, the best darts in the world are this week at the World Grand Prix, one of the most important tournaments of the year in the famous “double in” format. Van den Berg was killed in the quarter-finals after a thriller.

  1. 23 hours 23. Van den Berg loses the story of the unexpected thriller. Dimitri van den Berg narrowly missed the World Grand Prix semi-final ticket. Our compatriot had 3 darts against world champion Peter Wright, but couldn’t finish it. In a nail bite, Peter Wright took advantage of a 2-2 tie in sets. The world champion started the decisive chapter with distinction, but forgot to give Van den Berg a knockout blow. Missed two darts. Van den Berg, who had made an excellent game, saw his chance and put the world champion back to the wall. But double 12 proved to be a stumbling block. Our compatriot missed 3 arrows, and Wright was able to finish it with his last arrow on a double 10. .
  2. 2022-10-07.
  3. 01:00 02. I fought. After the missed opportunities, I did not hang my head. I felt like the best player today, but you never know there is a player of Johnny’s level. I am so excited to be here in my first quarter-final. Dimitri Vanden Berg.
  4. 1 o’clock. Strong van den Berg knocks Clayton. Dimitri van den Berg knocked out defending champion Johnny Clayton from the World Grand Prix on Wednesday night. Van den Berg started hesitating and missed some chances, Clayton taking the first set. Our compatriot had to raise his level and he did. The results were better, especially the finishes: he did not miss a single arrow on a double and thus won the second set. In the third set, Van den Berg looked unbridled: With an average of 101 per throw — too high for the “double-double” format, where players are only allowed to start their leg after they’ve thrown a double — he pushed Clayton away. He finished it off with an impressive score of 153. Van den Berg needed one more set, but missed the darts in two matches in the fourth set at 2-2. Clayton kept his cool and finished the match: we got a decisive fifth set. In it, Van den Berg was the first to pass through his opponent’s court. At 1-2, Demi finished dancing neatly at 16. A win should give our compatriot confidence after a changing period in which he also had to deal with panic attacks. Van den Berg has reached the World Grand Prix quarter-finals for the first time and has already raised £25,000. In that quarter-final he had to contend with world champion Peter Wright, without a gift. .
  5. 2022-10-10.
  6. It’s 09:30. Van den Berg in the round of 16. Dimitri van den Berg made his way past England’s Dave Chesnal with a 2-1 victory in the final 1/8. Chisnall is number 14 in the world and has won the Belgian Darts Open. Van den Berg is 15. The Belgian took care of the first leg, after which Chisnal equalized with 126 throws. Dancing Demi, who had the darts advantage, took his arms to take the 3-1 win. In the second set, Chisnal managed to make three throws to a maximum of 180, which equaled the plates with a 3-2 win. In the third and decisive group, the first four legs were divided. In the fifth and decisive second leg, Van den Berg scored two 10 goals to take the win. In order to secure a place in the quarter-finals, Van den Berg will face Welshman Johnny Clayton (PDC-7), the defending champion in Leicester. In the World Grand Prix, each leg must start with a double, after which players can snap up the remaining points. .
  7. 09:25 Hubrecht honorably killed against Wright. Kim Huybrechts (PDC-33) played well despite their 2-0 defeat against Scotland’s Peter Wright (PDC-2). The 36-year-old Belgian threw a maximum 180-point lead in the first set, but left no fewer than six of the seven chances untapped on takeout. Wright, a two-time world champion and championship title holder, capitalized on fouls to take the first set 3-1. In the second set, Huybrechts immediately ran into a 2-0 deficit and the match seemed to be decided. But in the third and fourth second legs, Huybrechts made 128 saves and 101 throws. In the second leg, he then missed a double 20 to win the set, after which Wright secured his place in the second round with a double 9. .
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