December 4, 2022

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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launches November 29 – Games – News

Dragonflight Expansion World of Warcraft will launch on November 29 in the Netherlands and Belgium. This expansion adds the first plural Class And race, with Dracthyr Evoker. Players can also fly on dragons with Dragonflight. The extension costs 50 euros.

The expansion can run from midnight Dutch time, the evening of November 28 to 29, Snow storm reports. Developer Already mentioned in June Dragonflight will be released this year. Blizzard Announcing the expansion in April.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is located in Azeroth, in the new Dragon Isles region. This is the original area of ​​the dragons, which therefore plays a major role in the expansion. Dragon Dragon Race can be played in Dragonflight. This dragon race has the unique Evoker class, making it the first combined race and class. Dracthyrs can switch between dragon forms and more human-like appearances. Players can specialize in ranged attack or that Heal – Heal of his fellow players.

In Dragonflight, players can also choose their own Drake, which they can use to fly across the Dragon Isles. Riding a dragon is a new skill. Players can customize their dragon and unlock more options as they play during the expansion. These modifications allow Drake to fly faster and farther.

Dragonflight not only adds a new class, but also brings updates to the old classes. Expansion Reintroduces talent trees. According to Blizzard, this revamped system should provide “meaningful options on every level” while “not affecting its effectiveness.” The expansion also adds a customizable interface and eight additional dungeons.

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