February 2, 2023

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World's largest chipmaker invests $40 billion in US |  economy

World’s largest chipmaker invests $40 billion in US | economy

Taiwanese chipmaker DSMC It will build two factories in the US. The influx of factories amounted to $40 billion (€38 billion) – one of the largest foreign investments in US history. The news comes at a time of fierce competition for chips around the world.

Both factories must be located in the state of Arizona. The first factory is expected to open in 2024, with the second two years later. According to the Taiwanese company, the investment will create 10,000 new jobs, of which 4,500 will be at TSMC and the rest at suppliers. US President Joe Biden has said that he is very happy with this investment.

TSMC is the world’s largest chipmaker, measured by market capitalization. The new investment will be keenly followed by Dutch chip machine manufacturer ASML. Eindhoven’s company is an important supplier to TSMC.

There is a lot of competition for chips around the world. During the Corona pandemic, a major shortage arose, which had consequences for the car industry, among others. America and Europe want to increase chip production in their own region and have allocated a lot of money for this.

The arrival of two factories in Arizona strengthens the ties between Taiwan and the United States. China wants to annex Taiwan because it views the country as a renegade province. America wants Taiwan to be independent.

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