December 3, 2023

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Wouldn't we have IC problems if our BMI was lower?  “80 percent of corona patients with interstitial cystitis have a body mass index above 25.”

Wouldn’t we have IC problems if our BMI was lower? “80 percent of corona patients with interstitial cystitis have a body mass index above 25.”

“80 percent of corona patients have a body mass index of more than 25,” says Professor of Preventive Medicine Ono van Shayk. The talk show Beau asked last night if we’d have IC problems if people were a little less heavy-handed.

“If everyone in the Netherlands had a BMI of less than 25, the whole IC problem would not exist,” UMC Groningen IC chief Peter van der Voort said on the TV show Beau last night. But this BMI appears to suffer from several hurdles after the survey. Experts say your waist size is a better measure of your health.

Abdominal circumference

Many Corona patients at the International Center have a high BMI, but a high BMI does not tell the whole story of how healthy you are. “A bodybuilder can have a high BMI, but basically he has a lot of muscle,” explains obesity professor Lisbeth Van Rossum. That’s because your BMI is calculated based on your height and weight. It does not take into account how this weight arose.

“What is actually so important: How much belly fat does someone have? Excess belly fat makes a person more at risk, especially if there is also one of the 200 diseases related to being overweight,” Van Rossum says.

deltjes virus

This is because many virus particles can circulate in abdominal fat during infection, Van Shayk explains. “With a lot of belly fat you have a lot of inflammatory substances and this actually determines our defense system. Our immune system is constantly working and therefore it becomes unbalanced. So the virus has a greater chance of multiplying.” To answer the question either

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So it is preferable that we take into account the amount of belly fat when we talk about weight gain and IC beds. Waist circumference is an easy way to calculate it. But that doesn’t change the fact that the entire interstitial cystitis problem might have been much smaller if we had been underweight, van der Voort said at Boe.

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Not just a lot of food

But experts say that being overweight is the biggest problem and making them feel guilty is not the answer. Being overweight isn’t just a matter of ‘your fault, a big bump,’ Van Rossum says.

“There are many social and biological factors that cause weight gain. Of course someone can take responsibility, but we shouldn’t blame them. This is very important.”

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Brushing teeth on one leg

If you still want to get started, you should pay close attention to adequate nutrition and exercise. “Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, and fatty fish. This is healthy. And make sure you get enough exercise,” advises Van Schayk.

Due to the evening closure and the closure of gyms and sports associations, it can be difficult to start now. Van Rossum gives them some simple advice: “Go and brush your teeth on one leg every day, then you immediately get a strength workout. Or park a little further and walk the last bit. Those are pretty little things, but if you do it every day, you can Get a lot of health benefits from it.”