September 24, 2022

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Wout van Aert after a new demonstration: "I stick to it: I will only make my decision about the World Cup after the tournament"

Wout van Aert after a new demonstration: “I stick to it: I will only make my decision about the World Cup after the tournament”

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Mud, snow, fast track… Wherever Wout van Aert begins, he’s master and master. “I don’t think I’ve ever won five crosses in a row,” Jumbo leader Visma smiled. “That says enough, doesn’t it. Am I surprised? I had to wait and see how I felt because such a muddy cross yesterday is an attack on the body and limbs. But I felt after the break this morning that I recovered well.”

Van Aart got off to a good start. This is perhaps the only start where it is not a shame to be in the second grade. It gave me the opportunity to stay away from the wind for a while, after which the sea opened in time.”

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What followed was a real demonstration. “I had a good feeling right from the start,” Van Aert said. “I tried to make a difference, saw there were holes and concluded Matteo wasn’t with them. I soon found myself alone, but that certainly wasn’t a flaw. I can ride my cross and pick my own lines.”

However, the Belgian champion got it wrong once. “Because it’s hard to maintain focus,” Van Aert explained. “This slider was a wake-up call and after that I increased my focus again. I tried to ride as flawlessly as possible.”

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And now? Van Aert: “I ride every cross I start to win. I gave a lot today and yesterday. It will be a matter of classification because I want to extend my Belgian title. World Championship? I will hear that question every day, and the answer will come in time. I insist I will only decide the Belgian championship after the World Cup.

Tom Bidcock: ‘Elie was stronger’

Tom Bidcock raised his head again by taking second place. And it sounded like ‘I’m not going to win but this was a lot better than yesterday’. “I felt good. I don’t drive well here often but the fencing with Eli was nice. He was stronger, and I had to play tactically hard. But I can build on that achievement. Technically, it was good, physically I felt I’m doing well too. I’m driving the next race in Baal with a good feeling. Now I’m going to train for a few days.”

Tom Bidcock finished second. © BELGA

Eli Eserbet: “I’m amazed that it went so well”

Eli Eserbet consolidated his lead over Tun Airs by two points. This was surprising because Iserbyt had indicated before the start that he had stomach pains. “This course suits me better than Dendermonde,” West Fleming explained. “I felt bad right up to the start. So yeah, I’m amazed that things went so well. Maybe it was because I didn’t go all the way yesterday. And I had a good ally in Bidcock. It’s a shame I couldn’t beat him in the sprint. In the sprint, I was close, so it’s a shame to lose him. Tom knew I was driving for my rating and he used that cleverly.”The lead on Toon Aerts is four points with one moto to go. “Yes, that was the best possible scenario for me. It would also be exciting for Gavere, but I’m glad I ran out again. Hopefully Gavere will be with the audience and can continue. Because if no classification is made, I’m told.”

Toon Aerts: “Term Point Loss”

“I’m losing expensive points here,” said Ton Aerts. “I didn’t recover from yesterday and couldn’t join Ellie’s group. Lorenz (Swick, red) was not allowed to take over, which made it difficult for me.”

There has been some frustration with the Trek Baloise Lions rider. “I lost contact because of a rider who wanted to go underwater and couldn’t continue. Nice for him, nice for me. The standings? There is now another race and it will depend on a good day in Javier. But it won’t be easy to make up four points, but Javier at the end of the season We don’t know. We will face the World Cup time difference on our feet.”