January 29, 2023

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WWDC 2022: Here are our predictions for the Apple event

WWDC 2022 will be in less than a month, as we expect iOS 16 and macOS 13, among others. But what else does Apple have in store for us? These are all of our predictions at WWDC 2022.

WWDC 2022 Predictions

WWDC 2022 (Worldwide Developers Conference) will take place June 6-10, with a special Apple event on Day One to announce new Apple hardware and software. This event is at 7pm Dutch time.

This year looks like it will be a great presentation, including major updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac and all-new devices. These are all of our predictions at WWDC 2022.

1. iOS 16

iOS 16

Every year, Apple takes advantage of WWDC to announce the latest version of iOS. This year it’s time for iOS 16. Expect major improvements for notifications, new interactive elements, and an updated design, among other things. See what that looks like (maybe)? Then we lost Draft iOS 16

2. iPad OS 16

Although iOS and iPadOS often receive the same new functionality, a lot seems to be changing this year, especially for iPads. iPad OS 16† For example, there are rumors of significantly improved multitasking functionality, made possible in part by the ultra-fast M1 chip in the iPad Air and iPad Pro.

3. New Macs

MagSafe 3

Anyone can say things on Twitter or Create a WordPress site, but Apple analyst Mark Gurman generally really knows what he’s talking about. According to him, we can expect at least two new Macs at WWDC: the MacBook Air with a completely new design and M2 chip, and the new Mac Pro – perhaps the fastest Mac ever – which was mentioned briefly at a previous Apple event. .

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4. Mac 13

Your Mac is also getting another update with macOS 13. The update is rumored to be mammoth It will be called – this creates certain expectations for new jobs. It’s funny that nothing has been leaked about what to expect just yet, but there’s a good chance that the features we’ll see in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are also coming to the Mac. Think about improved notifications, new tools, and changes to multitasking.

5. watchOS 9 and tvOS 16

Apple Watch spring colors

The Apple Watch and Apple TV will also receive updates again, but in general the number of new functions with these updates is limited. You can expect some new watch faces for the watch, and small improvements to apps like Photos and Home for your Apple TV.

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