March 28, 2023

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WWII 'ghost boat' suddenly appears in California tank |  Abroad

WWII ‘ghost boat’ suddenly appears in California tank | Abroad

The boat – LCVP or Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel, also known as Higgins boat – has been found at the bottom of the tank for several decades. The LCVP suddenly became visible because the water level in the tank had dropped dramatically due to the ongoing dehydration. In addition to the mud, a rusty boat suddenly appeared.

“The circumstances in which the boat sank remain a mystery,” the US Forest Service said. What the boat was used for is clear according to the authority itself. After all, the numbers painted on the car (31-17) confirm that the small boat was part of the large assault transport ship USS Monrovia. This in turn served as the flagship during the landing in Sicily in 1943.

But the combined history of the USS Monrovia and the “ghost boat” in California may also end after 1943. So it remains a mystery how the little ghost boat ended up in the United States after Sicily.

Incidentally, neither the LCVP nor the Higgins boat was the first secret that Lake Shasta revealed. Earlier, another boat associated with World War II was discovered. Human remains were also found, possibly linked to burglaries with dire consequences.

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