February 9, 2023

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Xander De Rycke's mother, 34, dies: 'In recent years you have done your best to right some wrongs'

Xander De Rycke’s mother, 34, dies: ‘In recent years you have done your best to right some wrongs’

Comedian Xander De Rycke posted a farewell message to his mother on Instagram. © Raymond Lemmens

Xander de Reek’s mother, 34, has passed away. The comedian himself announced it on social media with a farewell message. He said previously in his books and explains that the relationship with his mother was not always easy. “Over the past few years, you have done your best to correct some of your mistakes. But unfortunately your body has not kept up with that.”

Wout Desmytere

“Hi, Ma,” De Rycke begins his message. “The last thing you said to me was to be good. That was your way of saying ‘behave.’ My answer remains the same as ever. I will do my best. I had that in mind when I wrote this text.”

The comedian has already written two books about his difficult childhood. At the age of eighteen, he left home and did not speak to his mother, who at that time was suffering from alcoholism, for eleven years. And it is only in recent years that they carefully restore contact, after telling de Ric that his mother has a brain hemorrhage. “We haven’t had an easy relationship, you haven’t had an easy life and as many will confirm you haven’t had an easy relationship. I’ve been thinking a lot about our story over the past few weeks.”

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Life has often dealt with bad cards, but you have also dealt with a few on your own. You have done your best in recent years to right some of your mistakes. But unfortunately for you, your body has not kept up with it, and your time is more limited than expected. And now We’ve come to the end of your story. That’s one of many feelings.”

“I’m crazy. Angry that you didn’t take care of yourself better, and evil that you always pretended to be stronger than you were. I obviously got this stubbornness from you. I feel sad. Sad for what could have been. For what should have been. And I’m happy.” Glad you didn’t have to suffer for so long. Glad you don’t have to suffer anymore.”

And he concludes, “I hope you find your peace. And that you have a neighbor upstairs knocking at the door less. Goodbye, Mom.”

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