July 16, 2024

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Xbox celebrates a special controller and more beautiful things

Xbox celebrates a special controller and more beautiful things

November 15th marks the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox’s release in the US. And that’s what Microsoft wants to celebrate.

via New blog post The Xbox Wireless Controller’s 20th Anniversary Edition has been announced in honor of that anniversary. So is the 20th Anniversary Stereo Headset.

Xbox celebrates

The 20th Anniversary Xbox Wireless Controller is an ode to the game console’s original debugging suite. These kits were used to set up and develop games and at the time were translucent instead of the black game console plastic that you can get in the store. Thus, this console is transparent, so that you can clearly see what is going on inside. At the console handles (to name it) you see a bright green color, which we know from the old logo. Of course, the new console uses all the capabilities that the modern console offers as well. So you have a better dashboard and share button. If you don’t have Microsoft’s latest game console, you can also use the console when playing games on iOS and Android, for example.

special control (Photo: Microsoft)

If you use this console with your Xbox Series X or S= game console, you will automatically receive the 20th Anniversary dynamic wallpaper. You can also get it when a friend has a console like this and they hook it up with you for a while. But it will disappear when he or she chooses a different background.


Recently, Microsoft released an Xbox stereo headset. This is also now getting a special 20th Anniversary Edition. As with the console, it uses the same type of color and is transparent. In addition to these two products, there are also special equipment for recording and a charging station Scanner. So a nice party.

headphone (Photo: Microsoft)

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Xbox celebrates a special controller and more

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