March 25, 2023

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Xi Jinping presses ahead with the peace plan: rumors about Putin’s visit and conversation with Zelensky | Ukraine and Russia war

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The American newspaper reported that Xi likely wants to contact Kiev after his visit to Moscow next week. Reuters news agency also wrote on Monday, based on anonymous sources, about the upcoming visit of the Chinese president to Russia. But Beijing and Moscow have not yet confirmed this news.

China has always emphasized its neutrality in the war between Ukraine and Russia and its support for peace. The country often criticizes the role of the West, which supplies many weapons to Ukraine. Washington and NATO expressed concerns a few weeks ago that Beijing was considering supporting Russia with weapons.

Xi made a peace proposal on the conflict on February 24, a year after the invasion. The Kremlin was enthusiastic about the Chinese plan, but Kiev saw no point in it. Zelensky was glad that Xi took an active part in the war. He said at the time that he plans to meet with the Chinese president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also said the same week that it had been agreed that Xi would come to Moscow, but did not set a date.

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