December 8, 2023

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yara carbon dioxide storage under the norwegian sea

yara carbon dioxide storage under the norwegian sea

Fertilizer producer Yara will use part of its CO2 from 20252Emission storage on the Norwegian sea floor. Each year, 800,000 tons, a quarter of Zeeland’s annual emissions, are liquefied by the aurora borealis, transported and stored in the soil. The two companies spoke on Monday while announcing the first cross-border CO2 commercial contract2storage.

Northern Lights, founded by Norwegian Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies, will store greenhouse gases 2,600 meters below the sea floor off Norway’s west coast at Øygarden. The plans are part of the so-called Longship Project, which is 80 percent funded by the Norwegian government. In the initial phase, up to 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide will be produced there annually2 Store.

„Without underground storage of carbon dioxide2 At the press conference in Stavanger, Norway, where the deal with Yara was announced on Monday, Director-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Sandor Jastra said that climate goals for 2030 and beyond are almost impossible to achieve.

However, the so-called CCS approach (Carbon capture and storage) without a doubt. When drafting the Dutch climate agreement, environmental organizations try to limit the use of carbon dioxide capture and storage because storage, in their view, limits the actual transition of the industry. In addition, other projects will also receive less support as a result.

This spring, Climate Secretary Rob Gettin (D66) decided to expand support options for CCS however, because this method could reduce emissions “in the relatively short term and cost effective.” Many places are now storing carbon dioxide2. The Porthos project in Rotterdam aims to store greenhouse gases from industrial companies from the port under the seabed from 2024. This should be done 20 kilometers from the coast in empty gas fields in the North Sea.

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Yara Fertilizer Company is one of the largest fertilizer production companies2Emitters from the Netherlands. The company, which is active in sixty countries, decided last week to stop a large part of its production in Slyskill as a result of the rise in gas prices. (Norwegian Refugee Council)