February 6, 2023

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Yellow could celebrate for the first time this year: “After the first blow, Spring broke in Diest” (Gill)

Only this season was the second goal of defender Sven Joosten: “Honestly, the goalkeeper was not in good shape.”©

ASV Geel claimed their first victory in 2023. So the gate rang the nearest deast. The home team had to be patient for about an hour before they could open the score, but after that it went like clockwork. Fifteen minutes later, the score was 3-0 on the board and the books could be closed.

Mark Kempin

Thanks to many volunteer hands, the Leunenstadion has been cleared of snow and so football can be played. “The grass was a bit greasy, but that wasn’t a problem. In any case, that wasn’t the reason for our mediocre first quarter, ”said Gilles defender Sven Joosten. “We wanted to apply pressure quickly, but not everyone executed well. That’s why we had to adapt. But Dest only had a few long shots. After everything was in place, we started to find the space between the visiting lines better. Led That led to two good chances before the break.”

After the break, the home team emphatically looked up 1-0. Justin took care of that goal, following a cross from Maimouni. “I immediately hit the ball in with my left hand. Honestly, the keeper didn’t look very good. It was an important goal for us. Dest plays an all-or-nothing game every week. If you can put such a team in the back, they usually break the spring.” .

To make matters worse, Dest had to go on with ten men a few minutes after the first goal after a stupid red card. “And from the free kick that followed that stage, Carvalho Alione made it 2-0 on the rebound,” Justin added. “However, the party was all but decided. If we had finished all chances, we would have won 6-0 or even more.”

This was Justin’s second goal of the season. “I’ve only been around since October,” laughed Limburger, who runs a clothing store in Belt with his family. “This time I was able to enjoy myself offensively. I know from myself that I am fit. Shortly after the break, I noticed that my direct opponent was regularly having to give up the turn. Then the work becomes much easier. So the first win is in. We can build on that.” “Our final top-five finish should definitely be our ambition,” said the 25-year-old Justin with conviction.

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