December 5, 2022

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'Yellow' Vos win kicks off Women's Tour de France in second stage |  Cycling

‘Yellow’ Vos win kicks off Women’s Tour de France in second stage | Cycling

It was for Vos that they hit their second day on the tour. It was also the best on Monday. Her overall lead over second seed Silvia Persico rose to 30 seconds. Demi Fullering is sixth at 1.11 versus Voss. Annemiek van Vleuten 1.28 lags behind.

Voss paid tribute to her Jumbo-Visma teammates after winning the second stage of the Women’s Tour de France. “The team did everything they could to put me in a good position. The yellow jersey at NOS.

By winning the stage, Voss received the green jersey from fellow countryman Lorena Wipps, who sagged due to a fall and was unable to run. “I’ll be in yellow for another day and more strongly in green. Great results and a great day,” Voss said.

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The peloton had four short climbs to choose from on a Friday afternoon. Before that, it seemed like a perfect flight for the fugitives, but for long, Peloton didn’t seem intent on letting anyone leave. After 50 kilometers, a large pioneer group, including the Silke Smulders, finally acquired the space.

But they didn’t last either. The last fugitive, Le Net, was captured about five kilometers before the end. And so there was a team race. Turns out the Dutch are in a class of their own in this.

Wiebes . Falls

With twenty kilometers to go, Lorena Wips crashed hard in the landing. Fortunately, she was able to return, but she did not escape harm. She struggled for her bike and her elbow was bleeding profusely.

Of the six stages now run, a Dutch woman has won no fewer than four stages.

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