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Yoni gets cancer 4 times in 9 years: “From planning a trip to euthanasia”

Yoni gets cancer 4 times in 9 years: “From planning a trip to euthanasia”

Medical miracle

Despite the heavy chemotherapy, it’s not too bad how sick Yoni feels. Moreover, the treatment is working better than expected. The tumors in her lungs and lymphatic system have disappeared and there appears to be only scar tissue in her pelvis. “One doctor said to me, ‘We can never explain your condition better, but I think you are better.’ He called me his medical miracle.”

In the years following the good news, Yoni goes back to work, buys a house, and gets married. After the honeymoon in October 2021, she will undergo a medical examination. After six cancer-free years, this time they discovered a tumor in her lung. “Fortunately, the tumor can be removed by surgery, and as far as I know now, she is completely clean again,” she says.

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Yoni says she quickly noticed that, as a young cancer patient, she was facing very different things than, say, an older cancer patient. “Everything is a lot more uncertain. Like: I want to buy a house, but is it possible? What about if I want to have kids? Will I still get a permanent contract? And insurance? And in the meantime, you keep losing your deductible.”

Partly because of the questions running through her mind, Uni seeks to connect with her fellow sufferers. She soon noticed that others found a lot of support in her positivity. “I think staying positive will get you far,” she says. “I was a ‘normal’ 24-year-old girl who received terrible news. This is the message I want to get across: If you receive a diagnosis, don’t give up right away. It doesn’t always have to be the end and it’s very important to maintain that.”

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Health update

Yoni will undergo another medical examination in January 2024. This indicates that the abnormalities in her right lung have grown. “I had these deformities for nine years, but after they had been stable for all those years, they suddenly grew,” she says. “The doctors didn’t really know what to do with it. The aberrations didn’t grow very quickly. This really didn’t suit my rare and aggressive form of cancer.”

So the uni is given a number of options. “Do nothing and continue to have the scan every three months, to remove the abnormality on the outside of my lungs – a relatively simple lung operation – to see if the abnormality is benign or malignant, which is a major operation to remove the abnormality that occurs in most major growths or surgery,” she says. The entire lung lobe.

Ultimately, her doctor recommends that the “easier” anomaly be removed surgically. “This was in the hope that maybe this time it wasn’t cancer after all. After two weeks of stress, I was sadly told it was the same type of cancer. Old metastases of endometrial stromal cell sarcoma.”

To block

UNI will be operated again at the end of March 2024. They remove the entire lung lobe with all the abnormalities in it. “My confidence has taken a hit again, and it will take time. But it’s still good to be clean almost ten years after the diagnosis. And while it was once said that I would never survive this. Right now, I still complain and sometimes feel Short of breath, but if all goes well, I can get back to 100% with a lot of training. It’s not an easy road, but I’m so glad we can always take decisive action when it rears its ugly head again after nearly a decade Years, it’s good to finally close this book.

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On January 15, 2022, Yoni told her story. We have now spoken to her again to see how she is doing now.

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