February 1, 2023

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You don’t have to download ChatGPT in the App Store (here’s why)

ChatGPT is now also available for your iPhone, but you don’t have to download the app from the App Store. what is going on?

Read on after the announcement.

ChatGPT costs money in the App Store

ChatGPT is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. The service allows anyone with an account to chat with an AI. The chatbot then provides detailed answers to questions you ask or comments you make. This service is free online, you just need to create an account to use the service.

It is worth noting that the service does not cost money AppStore. The chatbot can be downloaded for free in the App Store, but to actually use the service you need to have a subscription. And this is not just a subscription: you pay €9.99 weekly and no less than €59.99 annually. So watch out, because the service is simply available online for free.

ChatGPT Chat GPT AI with untrusted GPT-3 implementation

The app is also very unreliable, because it doesn’t seem like the app is actually connected to Open AI. The manufacturers have no connection to the developers of the real ChatGPT or the chatbot itself. So if you come across ChatGPT Chat GPT AI With GPT-3 in the App Store: don’t download it.


Users who have downloaded the app are complaining about the poor quality of the chatbot. Artificial intelligence provides general or irrelevant answers to questions asked by users. This confirms the suspicion that the chatbot is not connected to Open AI at all. The app now has quite a few positive and negative reviews.

The App Store often filters out untrusted apps

The App Store is known for strict policy Apple makes when it comes to allowing apps or not. Therefore, it is worth noting that ChatGPT meets the standards of the App Store.

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By the way, offering a free app with a paid subscription is one of the easiest forms of scams in the App Store. Scammers create apps such as virus scanners, password generators, and VPN apps in hopes of scamming unsuspecting users. According to numbers from sensor tower These apps earn $80,000 per month.

The chatbot is not reliable

A major breakthrough in artificial intelligence with the chatbot

The great popularity of ChatGPT seems to be the great achievement of artificial intelligence. Now that everyone can use Open AI, it’s even more intuitive to use. For example, the service is already used to write school assignments, emails, reports, and letters. Furthermore, academics use the service to write research(s). So ChatGPT is widely used by different target groups.

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