October 2, 2022

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You don’t necessarily have to play F1 22 for music

For some it is an incomparable whine, for others it is heavenly music, but the sound that an F1 car can smash from its engine is recognizable to all. However, it is nice to hear real music while playing F1 22. If you can’t get enough of that music after playing this fast paced racing game, there is now the option to listen to the soundtrack. The special edition of “A New Dawn” is definitely worth listening to.

This soundtrack was composed by Ian Livingston, who is best known for the catchy ringtones he composed for Nokia. By the way, his list of games where he puts his finger in the cake is quite impressive. Outside of F1 22, he has also sponsored The Quarry and the recently released GRID Legends.

“I am driven to capture the elegance and beauty of these shiny new instruments by giving them the sound of a leather orchestra, but also the contrast between the calm before the storm versus the tension and excitement of the latter,” says Ian Livingston. “At the same time, I wanted to reward many F1 players with Bringing back parts of previous headliners from F1 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2021″.

Tracks containing the soundtrack:
Additional Music – Ethan Livingston
performance by george strizov
Orchestra – Sophia Session Orchestra, recorded by FourForMusic
Orchestras – Michael Doherty
Percussion – MB Jordi
Vocals – Julie Sychuk
Piano – Ian Livingston
Orchestra Mix – Simon Barford
Mastery – John Ellison-Hartley / Musiklab
Video Editing by Key Productions

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