July 24, 2024

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You’ll never guess how much this old Mercedes E 300 diesel costs

You’ll never guess how much this old Mercedes E 300 diesel costs

Old Mercedes models are indestructible, as evidenced by the many high-mileage taxis criss-crossing the world – sometimes more dead than alive (but still running). Anyone who was keen on an old Mercedes E-Class can now claim the grand prize for it. This event E 300 proves that.

Last week, a version of the W124 generation went under the hammer for a huge sum on the American sales site Bring A Trailer.

Mercedes E 300 Diesel W124 with low mileage

The Mercedes in question dates back to 1995 and remained with the same owner until the recent sale. He didn’t drive it much. After all, there are only 13,500 kilometers on the clock. The midnight blue paint still shines as beautifully as it did 29 years ago, and the interior is also in excellent condition. A used car still has its original tires, although this is not necessarily something to be proud of after such a long period.

Under the hood is the old reliable Mercedes OM606 engine. This six-row car is known for its strong character and can easily reach long distances. Therefore, the exceptionally low mileage of this version is remarkable.

A huge amount of money for an old used Mercedes

For this reason, a lot of money was spent on the old Mercedes. How deep? Well, the lucky new owner paid a whopping $101,000 for it. This amount was converted to more than 94,000 euros.

Why does this 3.5 ton Volvo on the clock cost €17,500

In the Netherlands too, huge sums are being asked for fairly ordinary cars with low mileage, as a Mazda MX-5 with just 9,000 kilometers on it proves.

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