July 21, 2024

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“Your media gaming can stop”: Miguel Viels stands for Niels Destadsbader

“Your media gaming can stop”: Miguel Viels stands for Niels Destadsbader

Niels Destadsbader (34) has had a tough time since switching from VTM to VRT, especially since he became known for how much he did. Miguel Vielez (50) defends his dear friend, after what he calls “months of systematic beatings from the same media angle”. “It would be better for Nils if he didn’t respond so much to the criticism, but I can do that now.”

Miguel Vielz shared a screenshot of the article on Tuesday Hello all on instagram. “At the moment, the porting of Nils Destadsbader’s ‘Goldcrest’ character is mainly drawing criticism,” she says. The piece includes former presenter Kurt van Eegem, who finds it unheard of how much Destadsbader was paid while there are now too many redundancies at the VRT.

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“He is the greatest talent I have ever worked with,” Fells wrote in the post. Now you can stop those media games and populist attacks. #transferpolitics #fue”

When we call him, Wells explains what media games he’s talking about. “This article is part of a series of months of attacks, always from the same media angle,” he says. Obviously, this has to do with transportation policy. But I think honest journalists shouldn’t be guilty of that.” The media corner the producer is talking about is DPG Media, Destadsbader’s former employer. Hello all It is affiliated with DPG Media.

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Wiels also responds to Van Eeghem’s statement about VRT’s class tour and the €400,000 per year the singer receives. “First of all: I don’t know what Nils is earning,” Wells says. But at that time, plans for public broadcasting were much more interesting in terms of content. It’s too easy and populist to mention Neils at the same time as the layoffs that are now falling into the VRT. These layoffs are part of a logical transition for a public company and it would have fallen out anyway.”

Ups and downs

The music producer is convinced that Nils will overcome this lowest moment in his career. “A career that goes in waves, with ups and downs. Things happen in your career that in hindsight you probably would have done differently, even though it was a decision you made out of a sense of entitlement.”

Harsh criticism isn’t necessary, Wells says. “Was his World Cup tackles the best thing he’s done in his career? Probably not. But I think it’s unfair to blame him for that. We’re talking about a boy who in ten years has racked up piles of MIAs, filled the palaces of sports and put on very popular programmes. He does things that are less popular. for one year and gets wind. Give him a break.

According to his good friend, Destadsbader handles criticism well. “Nils is a very strong guy who has both his feet hard in the mud and he is surrounded by a strong team. There is no doubt that he will overcome this. At the same time, he is a 34-year-old guy who is trying his best to achieve something in his career. I think he is not one of Justice for all this to happen. Nils is a wonderful man with a good disposition. There is a saying that you better sit still when you shave, that’s what he should do now. It’s well advised not to fight back, but I would have done it now.”

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