June 5, 2023

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“Your old music” or not? Andre Hazys denies he no longer wants to sing father musician | celebrities

celebritiesAndre Hazys will always continue to sing his father’s music. He explained this in an Instagram video after confusion arose regarding previous statements made by Hazes on the Dutch talk show ‘Beau’.

“I think it’s a good idea to make a video, because I noticed there was some confusion,” Hazes begins his video. “I see it in my last post, but also in private messages, about the repertoire I’m going to sing.” In his “last post,” Hazes refers to the message he shared earlier in the day on Instagram in which he wrote: “What songs do you hope I sing on November 25th on Ahoy?”

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“Ladies and gentlemen, I never said I would never sing my old repertoire again,” Hazz continues in the Instagram video. “I’m so grateful to have these songs, they’ve given me everything. I carry the name André Hazes with great pride. So I’ll always sing my dad’s music to honor him. Because that also got me to where I am now.”


However, the artist says he is glad he can make new music that he finds “really great”. “And I think the combination of those three things is very good for me and will work very well in the next 20 years. So don’t worry guys, I’ll do anything. See you all in Ahoy.”

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What did Hazes say in “Beau”? Among other things, he said, “I thought: I think I’m doing some old music and it just doesn’t quite fit me.” “I said, ‘You guys know what it is, I’m a folk singer, but I really want to be a pop singer and I want to make great music. ‘” He also said about his song “Live”: “This is also a song that does not suit me at all. This is not who I am.”

Andre Hazes. © ANP

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