July 24, 2024

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“You’re not going to shoot me like that,” Conner Russo said to the man who ordered him to photograph him.

“You’re not going to shoot me like that,” Conner Russo said to the man who ordered him to photograph him.

It was only when I read to my horror that Philippe DeWinter would be presenting his book in the café down the street where I had lived for over a quarter of a century that the paper called me to ask if I wanted to write something about the new YouTube series on Conner Russo. My sighs are taken as approval and she picks up the newspaper. Another day for the balls before they even arrive.

last summer It consists of four episodes of eight minutes each. Once something like this was called one episode, but then everyone got ADD, which is why the year for a series will soon be considered the first episode. Conner Russo episode last summer He rolls around his latest camp as observer for Joetz, the Socialist Exchange Youth Association, and I’m holding my breath.

I’m not talking about Rousseau. And at the same time again.

Like every Fleming.

The first photo of this four-part episode explains perfectly why it’s not available to him. We see a quick montage of Rousseau celebrating, followed by A.J pan shot Starting with a TV that someone vomited on at their all night party – or it was an episode of it FC champions? — and ends with the half-naked, jagged head of a political party sniffing Marcskeswalm in bed. He told the man who had instructed him to photograph him in this way: “You will not photograph me in this way.”

At the same time, I love Rousseau because he knows his trade. He knows that such propaganda works. Because he really does come out well from this quartet. In fact, I think his commitment is sincere.

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I just hate this thing like last summer consists. Not because I do not agree with the principle of youth associations or the principles of socialism, but because the two are bound together and the result is sold as useful television when it is ordinary advertising. Not even for Fouruet, let alone for Socialism, but for Rousseau. personality cult. idolatry. Come on, C’est lazy.

Then I go back to my time in Al-Shabaab, where after Bart de Wevers passed The smartest person More and more lions began adorning the sleeves of their shirts, a practice that first began to reproduce among screens, like an STD at a driving weekend, and then spread to children. They would not tame him, they sang innocently, and there is no picture of that whole period without a Flemish flag dotting the scene in the background or – as everything happens in those circles – proudly in the foreground.

So I handed over my shirt. Because children should be kept out of politics as much as possible. So that fun should not have color.

last summer They can be viewed on YouTube.