December 7, 2023

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Yuma Suzuki leaves STVV for...former Kashima Antlers club

Yuma Suzuki leaves STVV for…former Kashima Antlers club

Suzuki day. © Dick Demi

Yuma Suzuki leaves STVV. No transfer to Germany or Italy. Return to the land of the rising sun. Suzuki returns to work at his former club, Kashima Antlers.

Gunther Schofs, Peter Vanlumel

Still a big surprise. It was written in the stars that one day Suzuki will leave STVV this Mercato. But no one expected that he would return to former club Kashima Antlers. It was Suzuki’s desire to return to the club with which he had already achieved success in Japan. Takayuki Tateshi, CEO of STVV, has completed the transfer in Japan in recent days.

Yuma Suzuki scored no fewer than seventeen times for the Canary Islands last season and there was a lot of interest inside and out. STVV and Club Brugge found an agreement for the club, and Suzuki himself did not see the transfer. Vincent Kompany and Anderlecht were also candid. Finally, Schalke 04 appeared at the end of the summer transfer season, and that management was not at the right time.

When Yuma Suzuki settled in Sint-Truiden in 2019, he was already experiencing a lot of homesickness. In the first weeks he could not even train on Belgian soil, he missed friends and family. After a few months and a great effort from the STVV crew, he finally became a founder and became a highly regarded person in STVV’s heart. She has now also played a part in the story. It was Suzuki’s desire to return to the Antlers. The transition is final.

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