July 16, 2024

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Zac Efron’s Face Is Reportedly ‘Change’: ‘They’ve Gotten Too Big’

Zac Efron’s Face Is Reportedly ‘Change’: ‘They’ve Gotten Too Big’

Now that Zac Efron is starring in the new Netflix movie A Family Affair , some viewers are wondering what happened to his face. Did he get plastic surgery?

There is a lot of reaction on social media about his new look. People are confused and think it is a shame that his face looks reshaped. He also looks older and some people think he is using fillers.

wax figure
In the Netflix YouTube video below, the reactions were even more intense. One person wrote that Zac Efron looks like a wax David Hasselhoff. Another commenter said that Zac is distracting because he looks like a Ken doll.

Zac Efron himself explained in an interview with Men’s Health magazine that he had an accident in 2013. He said, here In this article he slipped at home and hit his chin on a granite fountain. He said of the change in his jaw: “My chewing muscles have grown. They’ve gotten really big.”

Not in the mood for gossip
Zach tries to avoid social media and hears gossip through his mother. He tells: “If I weighed other people’s opinions the way they do, I wouldn’t be able to do this job.”

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