December 8, 2022

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Zelensky insists the missile in Poland was not Ukrainian, but Biden contradicts: 'That's not the evidence' |  Ukraine and Russia war

Zelensky insists the missile in Poland was not Ukrainian, but Biden contradicts: ‘That’s not the evidence’ | Ukraine and Russia war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the missile that fell in Poland on Tuesday and killed two people did not originate from his country. “I have no doubt that the missile was not ours,” he told Ukrainian media. Zelensky points to Russia as the culprit, based on his military intelligence. US President Joe Biden disagrees with this view. “This is not the evidence,” he says.

At first, the Polish authorities also assumed that the missile had come from Russia, but this was later corrected. Poland, like the United States and NATO, describes it as “likely” that the cause of the accident was Ukrainian air defences. But the responsibility lies with Russia because it started the war and carried out several missile attacks on Tuesday near the border as well. It would have been the largest Russian missile attack in this war.

Zelensky wants Ukraine to also have access to the crash site to investigate what happened. He wants to know on what basis his Western partners concluded that the missile came from his country. We want to prove all the details and facts. This is why we need access to all the data our partners have and the scene of the incident,” the president said in his daily address. Ukraine is said to be ready to cooperate fully with the investigation, but has not seen any evidence yet.

a look. President Zelensky repeats that the missile in Poland did not come from Ukraine

Biden sees it differently

NATO, Poland and the United States assume that it is a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile that accidentally ended up in Poland. The White House confirmed on Wednesday that it “has not seen anything that contradicts this hypothesis.” US President Joe Biden confirmed that Thursday morning when reporters confronted him about Zelensky’s words at the White House. “That’s not the evidence,” Biden said.

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NATO member Hungary calls Zelensky’s words irresponsible. “In such a situation, world leaders express themselves in a responsible way,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s chief of staff, Gergeli Gulias. “But the Ukrainian president made the mistake of accusing the Russians right away, and this is a bad example.”

a look. Uncertainty about missiles in Poland

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