July 21, 2024

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Zwijndrecht commemorates Corona suffering with a memorial tree

Zwijndrecht commemorates Corona suffering with a memorial tree

Four years later, it still affects her. Fear, loneliness and sadness due to the Corona crisis. While I saw several memorial sites built in the area two years ago, the situation has remained quiet in Zweindrecht in this regard.

“That’s why I decided to send a letter to Mayor Heine van der Loo, who invited me for an interview,” Goni says. “Then I was able to explain clearly what exactly I had missed in Zweigendrecht. This was a place for all those affected by the Corona crisis.”

Willem van Orangelaan

The mayor agreed with Goni and, at her request, designated the small park in Willem van Orangelaan as a place for the Corona Memorial Tree. Naturally, this decision brought happiness to Johnny, who also had to deal with some emotional hits during the pandemic. She says: “In May 2020, I lost my mother due to the consequences of the virus.”

Because of this event, Goni knows how widespread the virus was at that time. “A lot of people were affected during that time, which is why having a central memorial place is so important,” she says. “This gives people in Zweindrecht the opportunity to think about it for a moment.”

Negative legacy

Goni himself still suffers from the negative legacy of the Corona pandemic every day. “I used to feel like I could handle the whole world, but because of exhaustion, I now have to make choices about what I can and can’t do.”

On the other hand, attendees have been selected for the unveiling of the Corona Memorial Tree on Tuesday evening at 7:30 p.m. New mayor Leon Annenk and council member Jacqueline van Dongen gave a short speech.

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Then they and Gonny reveal the sign that will be placed near the Japanese walnut tree. The final chord consists of the distribution of pink carnations, which symbolizes everyone who has memories of the Corona pandemic.