April 16, 2024

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◀ How is MNM’s friend Nisreen Knobs?  “A different world compared to ten years ago.”  Showbiz

◀ How is MNM’s friend Nisreen Knobs? “A different world compared to ten years ago.” Showbiz

HLN Media WatchersShe was just 23 years old when she became radio maker Peter van de Veer's fifth sidekick at MNM at the end of August 2012. But two years later, the party was over. Nisreen Knobs, now 35, received thanks from MNM. Her boyfriend left her. What followed was a dissolute life, with alcohol, antidepressants and sleeping pills. And a state of depression. The path from the valley to the summit was difficult and challenging, Nisreen says on the HLN podcast “De Mediawatchers.”

Today Nisreen is a veterinary assistant and a happy wife with two children. A different world about ten years ago, when she was launched into MNM as Peter van de Veer's girlfriend. “When I was 18, I really wanted to be a vet. However, I wasn’t the best student and chose journalism. Before I knew it, I was friends with Peter. That was a period of highs and lows. I was very young and was metaphorically thrown out.” At my first job. I just moved on, so I lost my identity a little bit there. And after two years it ended suddenly. Due to a set of circumstances. No, I'm not opening up the big sinkhole of the past anymore. Bad choices were made then, wrong things happened. Both on my part and “On the part of MNM. I can't give too much credit to Peter van de Veer. He would send messages now and then, but he was mainly busy with his radio programme.”

“Looking back, it is clear that my dismissal from MNM, which was completely unexpected for me, hit me hard. To make matters worse, my then-boyfriend dumped me. “That was a really terrible period,” Nesreen recalls now. It's strange that no one can believe this happened to me. but it's true. Even my mother couldn't believe it. I was the one people came to cry about. And then she suddenly became a shadow of the ordinary two eagles. Then it is no longer necessary for me. I've been rejected everywhere. Then I lay down and stayed there for six months. That was a very bad period. With drinks, pills and antidepressants. In short, a very corrupt life.”

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But Nisreen struggled to get out of misery. Thanks to my mom and doctor. “And a lot, a lot of treatment,” Nisreen explains. With a wonderful family and a very good group of friends, life fortunately fell back into place again, as Nisreen attests. “I couldn't be happier today than I am right now. Everything I've always dreamed of has come true. Nice guy, nice kids, nice job, I'm healthy. And no, they haven't called me yet to replace Kim Van Osen. I won't do that again.” Others too. Been there, done that, as they say.

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