June 13, 2024

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πŸŽ₯ Of course don't forget: Gent players mock Westerlo – Football News

πŸŽ₯ Of course don't forget: Gent players mock Westerlo – Football News

Gent won 0-3 on Sunday at Kuipii in Westerlo. A fair result gives Buffalo a more comfortable lead in the European qualifiers. But they also had a bone to pick with Kempen's men.

After the match, the Buffalo team celebrated with the fans accompanying it. It was clear that they used the match between Westerlo and Genk as fuel to get it done quickly.

Westerlo and Genk then reached an agreement to keep the score at 1-1, meaning that Ghent no longer had a chance of being in the top six. The ball was passed in behind for a noticeably long time.

So they obviously didn't forget it, and it was also used as an incentive. After the game, Brown, Kandous and their teammates sarcastically passed the ball around, referring to that parlor draw.

Ghent now has four more points than STVV and KV Mechelen. Everything else follows at a more than respectable distance. Therefore, it will be up to these three teams to determine who will compete for the final European ticket.

Let's wait and see who the opponent will be, because after this weekend, everything in the Champions Qualifiers is open again.

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