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10 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview |  money

10 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview | money

CareersAnyone who has already had a number of job applications knows that every interview ends with the words: “Do you have any questions yourself?”. If you want to make a good impression, it is better to prepare a few. But what can you actually inquire about? It offers you ten possibilities for inspiration.

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Inquiries about your salary or the number of days off during the first interview is strictly prohibited. Of course it’s important to stir these things up, but don’t do that until the second or third round. The first meeting is to see if there is a match between you, the vacancy and the company. So it is best to ask one of the following questions:

1. Why do you like working here on your own?

This way you show that you are interested in the company’s culture and the positive aspects of the company. A nice bonus is that this somewhat personal question also instantly creates an association with the recruiter.

2. What would my typical work day look like?

Not only does this question prove that you are really interested in the job, but the answer will also help you get a better idea of ​​the job so you can assess whether it is really a good fit for you.

3. What are the biggest challenges in my position?

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Checking this also helps you build a correct picture of the job. It also shows that you like being prepared and ready to take on the challenges that come your way, which is an excellent quality.

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4. What do you want me to accomplish in the next six months?

This way you find out if the company’s expectations are in line with yours. You also present yourself as a practical person who loves to participate in the right way.

5. Who will I work with?

If the recruiter has not yet delved into the team you will be joining, it is very important to ask about this. Because you want him to click, right? Plus you show that you’re a team player, and he’s curious about his future teammates.

6. Can I meet my future colleagues?

Even more interesting than hearing stories about your potential colleagues is asking if you could meet them in person. Not the here and now of course, but you can check if this is an option as the application process progresses.

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7. What qualities do your most successful employees have?

Through this question you show that you want to excel and at the same time you will learn more about the company’s values. Don’t be afraid to ask: Will you work closely with these colleagues? Who can you learn the most from?

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8. How is performance evaluated?

Another question indicates ambition. This way you show that you are open to feedback and that you want to grow in your job.

9. How will the company develop in the coming years?

Although it is now common to change employers regularly, companies are still looking for long-term employees. Especially if you are going to land a job that requires some internship. This way you reveal that you want to commit for a long period of time.

10. How does the application process proceed?

By checking when to expect more news and the number of rounds of the app, you don’t need to worry unnecessarily if you haven’t heard anything for a while, and also prove that you’re motivated to continue the app. The perfect ending!

Do you want to impress your future employer? Then prepare well. With this detailed plan you will not miss anything.

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