March 5, 2024

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11 top stories from last week

11 top stories from last week

1. “Anyone who thinks housing is unaffordable should brace.”

The construction sector has a bleak outlook for the future. And after the disaster year of 2023, the numbers threaten to get even redder this year. The latest economic survey by construction union EmBuild shows that nearly six in ten construction companies are seeing a decline in the number of applications from potential clients. “A push from the government is urgently needed,” says Nico Demeester, CEO of Embild.

Read the interview here.

Portrait of Hans Vandenbroucke

2. Journalists on a private plane, Bart de Pauw on their heels: visiting Fernando Hutz's dinosaur in Switzerland

Paul Gheysens has Antwerp, Marc Coucke Durbuy and Anderlecht, Fernand Huts has his Flemish masters, Boerentoren and… a dinosaur. For his latest hobby project, Hatz invited the press to Zurich, Switzerland, last weekend. “This will be the main attraction of Boerentoren.”

Read the report here.

TV maker Bart de Bow and Fernand Hutz.  Belga's photo

TV maker Bart de Bow and Fernand Hutz.Belga's photo

3. “This was handled so badly that a break was inevitable”: prominent voices of dissatisfaction behind the scenes of Flemish cinema and television

Flemish films and television are in very good condition. At least, on screen. Because behind the scenes there is growing dissatisfaction with the Flemish Audiovisual Fund and its director Koen van Boxtal. “To say he doesn't listen to anyone is an understatement.”

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“On the one hand, there is a desire to have the widely supported genre of Flemish cinema ‘Zillion.’ On the other hand, Vertigo is sent to the desert for 0 euros, while a cinema site like Sabzian receives 90 thousand euros a year.Picture of an RV

4. No, walking isn't enough to keep you fit as you age: 8 fitness myths debunked

Running is bad for your knees. If you want to get stronger, it is better to exercise with heavy weights. Stretching before exercise is also useful for preventing injuries: Sports myths are many and many still believe them. It's time to expose some of the most persistent ones.

Read more here.

null Image Getty Images/Mascot

Image Getty Images/Mascot

5. With a larger following than Joe Biden, he was reporting from Gaza, but also had to leave: Who is Moataz Azaizeh?

His photos and videos have made him more popular than President Biden on social media, but Palestinian journalist Moataz Azaizeh has also left the Gaza Strip. “Press jackets no longer provide any protection there.”

Read his photo here.

Moataz Azaizeh.  Picture of an RV

Moataz Azaizeh.Picture of an RV

6. What population theory is van Greeken interested in? “The three basic points are complete nonsense.”

Vlaams Belang once again relies on repopulation theory to attract attention. Where does the appeal of a theory that has been debunked so many times come from? “It changes over time.”

Read the political analysis here.

Large poster of Vlaams Belang in Deurne.  Photo by Tim Dervin

Large poster of Vlaams Belang in Deurne.Photo by Tim Dervin

7. The Dutch are breaking into the Belgian housing market, but what does that mean for your home?

Due to the overheated housing market in their country, more and more Dutch people are looking for their living happiness in Belgium. A survey showed that real estate agents in some Belgian border municipalities have almost exclusively Dutch clients the morning. “They will likely see the asking price as a good deal.”

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Dutch-Brabant Wendy Loret:

Dutch-Brabant Wendy Laurette: “Here you simply get more value for your money. We could never have bought a house of this size in the Netherlands.Photo by Tim Dervin

8. When the flame suddenly goes out: What we (don't know yet) about burnout

The ancient Greeks talked about mental exhaustion, and during the Industrial Revolution the term nervous weakness was introduced, then came overexertion and is now called burnout. But what is it actually? How can you prevent it and how do you deal with it?

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null Image Getty Images/Mascot

Image Getty Images/Mascot

9. “Haley reveals Trump's Achilles heel”: Why Nikki Haley keeps moving forward after defeat in New Hampshire

After Iowa, Donald Trump also won New Hampshire. However, his only other rival for the GOP nomination, Nikki Haley, has not given up the fight yet. “She is fishing in the pool of voters who can make a difference in November,” analyzes foreign journalist Martin Rabai.

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Martin Rapay talks about the New Hampshire primary.  Photo by Eva Beausart - Agence France-Presse

Martin Rapay talks about the New Hampshire primary.Photo by Eva Beausart – Agence France-Presse

10. After “Gatz for Brussels”, advertisers of political slogans: “One of the best slogans ever is the Dehaene slogan”

Election campaigns are in full swing, and soon you'll be shouting at a politician on every street corner. But political slogans that make a difference are few and far between. “The first rule is that people have to know your name.”

Read the article here

dm free image

DM photo

11. Is an air fryer healthier than a deep fryer? This is what the experts say

Do you prepare your snacks in the air fryer or do you prefer to use a deep fryer? Is an air fryer really healthier? Experts list the differences. “If you make a snack in an air fryer, the taste will be different.”

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Blank image Getty Images

Image by Getty Images

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